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Milan Milošević
The Royal Conservatory of Music
Dr. Milan Milosevic,
DMA, The University of British Columbia
RCM Teacher – 138754 | BC Ministry of Education – L166797
Royal Conservatory of Music RCM | Preparatory – Grade 10, Teacher's ARCT. The comprehensive clarinet & saxophone teaching studio. Dr. Milan Milosevic is an experienced ensemble director from the Vancouver College music department.
Contact for details about your personalized learning plan:


Make the best learning program choice for advancing your performance. The clarinet & saxophone program is adapted for the very-beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

The advanced levels of study include preparation for the university auditions and research in a variety of performance techniques. Through collaborative brainstorming, we develop research techniques, explore resources, and lead your contribution to knowledge. That includes guidance in paper writing of the Master's thesis and Doctoral dissertation.

Q: How do you develop and foster improved musicianship?

 o   Practice other styles and genres of music written for the clarinet or saxophone. 

o   Record your performances. 

o   Collaborate with the other musicians online and learn from different genres. 

o   Create new challenges using a tuner & metronome.

o   Listen to the great recordings. 

o   Improve your musicianship with new and challenging repertoire goals.

o   Write, compose, record and sound-engineer new music.  

o   Train your ears and discover your inherent abilities to multitask in real-time.