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World Premiere with Zoran Modli, on ZAIR

NEMA NAZAD by Margita Stefanović Magi (EKV), Milan Milošević & Aleksandar Radulović Futa (Never before released improvisational electro-acoustic music from 1991, Release 2019).
Free download of a full-version, single track release (7'28”): 24-7, 7digital, 8tracks, Akazoo, Amazon Music, Anghami, Apple iTunes, AWA, Deezer, Google Music Store, iHeartRadio, iMusica, InProdicon, KDigital, KKBox, Kuack, Line Music, MediaNet, Napster, NetEase Cloud, Music, Pandora, Qobuz, Saavn, Shazam, Slacker Radio, SoundExchange, Spotify, Tidal, United Media Agency (UMA), Yandex, YouTube Music.

Astor Piazzolla, Milonga. Edin Karamazov, Milan Milošević, Vesna Kossjanenko & Žarko Perišić

Andreas Vollenweider & Milan Milošević (Virtual-Jam)

“It does not get any better than this -- should be compulsory listening for all clarinetists. Milan Milosevic explores original musicianship, one that rejects fashionable style and instead explores to the very core of musical thinking, both by the composer and the performer. This level of creative understanding is, today, in a minority and should be treasured, admired and respected”.
Prof. Anton Weinberg, Indiana University, Guildhall School of Music, National Centre of Orchestral studies, NY; White House Commission Laureate.
“Pearls & Thrills music selections are simply beautiful, soulful and at times heart-rending. Milan performances are wonderful throughout the variety of expressive styles. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend”